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should be given guarantees that the construction of facilities will not have irremediable ecological consequences and will not infringe existing balance of using watercourse by all states located along the flow of these rivers;
in case of damage to be taken all measures to eliminate or reduce such damage, and if necessary, put the issue of compensation;
implementation of projects on the use of resources of transboundary rivers, including hydraulic engineering should be subject to pre-independent in-depth examination on the principles of openness and full awareness of stakeholders;
implementation of projects is based on a constructive approach and compromise, which safeguards the interests of other interested states and are guaranteed two important conditions:
first - should not be allowed reduction of watercourse for the countries located below the drain;
second - should not be violated environmental security in the region.
The transition to a market economy was accompanied by the formation of entirely new financial system, an important element of which were and are currently off-budget funds of the state.



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10 - Criminal military groups organized to pursue them. The mission was destroyed several cities. This led to a mass migration of refugees across the desert in Persia, undermining national relations and reduce anti-Russian sentiment in the Republic of Khorezm. However, the development of the national liberation movement Junaid Khan insisted. Published on 6 March 1921 by the Government of mladokhiva PavlanNiyazYusupov legal advice and Junaid Khan to work.
As a result of unrest among the people of Khorezm was the fact that the agreement of 13 September 1920, the Republic of Estonia proclaimed an independent republic weakened Khorezm. Bolshevik Russia constantly interfering in the lives of the Republic of Khorezm. Central Executive Committee and Council of People's Commissars of the Russian Turkestan in September
In 1919 and the beginning of the implementation of this policy intervention renamed Turkcomrnission commission. He has great strength of the Russian Bolshevik government in Turkestan, but he also had the power sharing Turkestan borders with countries such as Bukhara and Khiva. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, to extend the mandate of the special 10 October 1919 to power Turkcommission that top party control of Central Asia. Influence their own development agenda in line with this Turkcommission. Turks Commission's constant attention to the poor Khiva rally communist groups. Russian Bolsheviks hope some fans and widespread military support.