Trip and tour Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Tours: 2003 Travel
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 14 days
On day 1. You will arrive in Bishkek and investment in the hotel. The day begins with breakfast building. Lunch. Suddenly the hotel.
On day 2. Go to Karakol. Suddenly the hotel.
On day 3. The day begins with breakfast building. Trekking in the 3822 m Inylchek to Chon-Ashu-Maida Adyr in a large valley. Suddenly in tents.
On day 4. You - trekking to Camp Al-Dzhailoo. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
Day 5. The day begins with breakfast building. Trekking Ала-Dzhailoo of Чону-Tash started Inylchek glacier. Suddenly in tents.
Day 6. You - trekking along the famous Merzbacher Glade. Suddenly in tents.
On day 7. Trekking through the third of the value of polar glacial valley outside the domain of the dam known as Lake Merzbacher glacier. Suddenly in tents.
On day 8. Trekking to Chontash. Suddenly in tents.
Day 9. The day begins with breakfast building. Trekking Passage successfully overcome. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
10 days. Trekking to retype As 4001 meters in the valley of the tender Ace. Suddenly in tents.
11 days. You - Echkilitash Saryjaz trip to the valley. Suddenly in tents.
12 days. The day begins with breakfast building. Transport of Karakol. Suddenly the hotel.
13 days. After breakfast we first Lunch on the way to Bishkek. Lunch. Suddenly the hotel.
14 days. Your guide will meet in the hotel and accompany you to the international airport "Manas".

The most vulnerable during the transition period was the level of preschool education. Since the beginning of economic reforms went a sharp reduction in day care centers. The cause was environmental factors. Many enterprises, collective farms and state farms, in charge of in Soviet times was most kindergartens have ceased to exist or could not have kindergartens. In this regard, the number of kindergartens has decreased from 1604, acted in 1990 to 411 in 1997, almost 4 times. The number of children attending kindergartens has decreased by more than 4 times - from 198 thousand to 46 thousand since 1998 reducing the number of pre-school suspension, and even today there has been a proliferation of them. The number of kindergartens in 2004 of 417 institutions with a contingent of 46.3 thousand children.
Despite the difficult circumstances of social and economic status of the republic, pre-school education in the post-Soviet period evolved. First of all, attempts were made to develop alternative models of pre-school institutions. Much attention has been given additional educational services to the population of program development in young children.