Trekking tours Kyrgyzstan 17

Trekking tours Kyrgyzstan: Trek 17
Site: Kyrgyzstan
Round type: Trekking Round
Passage time: 10 days

Day 1: you arrive to Bishkek, and then pass to hotel. Then you will have breakfast and will have a rest. After this round will be in National -Archa Nature Park (2200 m), 45 km from the capital in Kyrgyzstan. 
Day 2: We begin the trip to achievement of village Kochkorka and villages Ak-Scottish-beret. During round you visit architectural difficult "Tower Burana" (XI). The following stop will be in village Kochkorka. In this point you will feel crafts of display and to buy unique Kirghiz masters of manual work. After a dinner, arrive to village Ak-Scottish-beret in Kyrgyzstan. In the evening, the dinner will be submitted. The night is unique nomadic houses. 
Day 3: Today we - a trekking tour to have trekking tour and travel round to village of Naryn Eki at merge Supervisors, Big (Big) and Maly (Small) Naryn in Kyrgyzstan. A dinner on road. During our round of a trekking tour you visit a stock where you can feed a deer. In this point you begin the easy trekking tour. The night is tents in Oruk-there. 
Day 4: After good excursion of a breakfast make a trip and travel to river Maly (on Small) to Naryn village Archaly. This road passes through the Alpine meadows, elegant woods where you can weaken and enjoy the nature. The night is tents. 
Day 5: When the sun will rise by the ground, you will have a trekking tour round in Dzhyluu-Suu where you can bathe thermal . The place will be camp within two nights. 
Day 6: Early morning round of a trekking tour on lake Teshik-Kol, where you can лов fishes of a trekking tour and then you a trekking tour and travel back to camp. The night is tents. 
Day 7: After a breakfast you will be a trekking tour through Tone of mountain pass (4 023 m). A dinner on road. The night is tent. 
Day 8: the Breakfast and then you will be trekking tour round to make descent to village Narushenija-zakonnyh-prav-Kul where you finish that went on round. Where to remain in tent village. Then you can float in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. In the evening, the dinner will be submitted. 
Day 9: We begin the trip with transfer to Bishkek. The night is hotel. 
Day 10: Our tour guide will accompany you in the airport.