Trekking tour

Day 1. You will arrive in Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan and the hotel setting. The day tour begins with a morning building. A dinner. Overnight is at hotel.
Day 2. A ship Shamsi Valley of Kyrgyzstan. A dinner on the travel road. Lifting tour and travel Tujuk Valley of Kyrgyzstan. Overnight is in tents.
Day 3. The day tour begins with a morning building. A trekking tour and travel  Tujuk pass (3700 m). Overnight is in tents.
Day 4. After a morning, trekking tour to Tujuk Pass. Trekking to move not named in the Lake Kel-rocky-top. A dinner. A camping tour. Overnight is in tents.
Day 5. You - a trekking tour in Polosaty Pass. A dinner on the road. Overnight is in tents.
Day 6. The day tour begins with a morning building. A trekking tour in Kegety nozzle. Overnight is in tents.
Day 7. You - a trekking tour along Kegety nozzle. A dinner on the tour road. Overnight is in tents.
Day 8. The day tour begins with a morning building. Pass in Bishkek. A dinner. Overnight is at hotel.
Day 9. Your tour guide will meet you at the hotel and accompany you to the international airport "Manas".

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On rassovomu to type kyrgyzy concern to South Siberian mongoloidnoj podrase which developed in 2nd half 1 thousand d.C. Modern type kyrgyzov there were not earlier than 13 century d.C. Basic physical ancestors - natives of Southern Siberia. Language kyrgyzov enters in kypchakskuju group tjurkojazychnyh the people. And on other classification the Kirghiz language concerns “the newest languages” together with Altay, Kazakh, Karakalpak and nogajskim. 

Three main associations of a formed Kirghiz nationality: the left wing (sol a rope), the right wing (it a rope) and group "ichkilik". 
The end of 14 centuries, the beginning of 15 centuries - one of the critical moments in formation of the Kirghiz nationality. It has been connected with destruction by armies Timuridov of all cattle breeding population Tjan - SHanja and all territory to Altai. The Kirghiz and Kazakh tribes which were in East Pritjanshane less suffered from these intrusions.u them there was a process of consolidation of nationalities. Thus, in the middle of 15 centuries there is a formation of own state - Kirghiz ulusa or khanates. In the end of 15 centuries kyrgyzy have completely superseded for Naryn and Kashgaria all monogolskie tribes, subsequently waged semicentenial war, reflecting attacks of Mongols.