Travels and trips in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Tours: 1911 Travel
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 11 days
On day 1. Place your aircraft at Manas airport. Transmission in Bishkek. Suddenly the hotel. On day 2. After breakfast prior to a Great Almaty gorge. Trekking in the Valley. Night was held in tents.
On day 3. Traveling on foot through the hills of the Lake. Suddenly in tents.
On day 4. You - trekking in Kolalmaty throat. Night was held in tents.
Day 5. Trekking in the Valley Чона-have. Night was held in tents.
Day 6. Day free. Go to Lake Yasyl-Col. Night was held in tents.
On day 7. Increasing the Ak-Suu Kyi in the West. Trekking in Passage Ak-Su. Suddenly in tents.
On day 8. The day begins with breakfast building. You - Чона trip-Aksu valley. Suddenly in tents.
Day 9. You - Чона trip-Aksu valley. Lunch on the road. Switch to grow quickly Canyon. Night was held in tents.
10 days. Go to Kanorchek canyons and go to Bishkek. Lunch. Suddenly the hotel. 11 days. You will be selected in accordance with the guide at the airport, in accordance with the time of your initial data.

However, rural schools are not left out of all the ongoing changes in the education system. In rural schools there is an active creation of farms (greenhouses, oil mills, flour mills, etc.), domestic public service points (hairdressers, shoe repair, sewing shop). The money received from the farms and services, is a partial repair, material and technical equipment of the educational process, support for students from low-income families.
It has become more active parental involvement in solving the problems of school education. Almost every school is now functioning boards of trustees. It creates public funds to support education. In some areas of the country successfully operate the Association of parents 'committees, parents' funds. This was facilitated roundtables, national seminars, conferences with teacher and parent community, and local communities.
Over the years, taking into account the complexities of economic order, special attention was paid to the children left without parental care and children with developmental problems. Screening of students grades 1-9 from schools of the republic in 2002 amounted to 1 642 people in 2003 - 1344, 2004 - 1852 people, representing less than 0.2% of the students.