Travel and trip Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Tours: 2002 Travel
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 18 days

On day 1. You will arrive in Bishkek and investment in the hotel. The day begins with breakfast building. Lunch. Suddenly the hotel.
On day 2. Moving Shamsi throat. Visit Burana Tower. Lunch on the road. Increase in the throat. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
On day 3. After breakfast, trekking Tuuk Passage. Campsite. Suddenly in tents.
On day 4. Trekking to Tuuk Passage of 3700 m in їЅ inappropriate Passage p. Climb in the past. Trekking to the summit Kel-Lac-rock. Suddenly in tents.
Day 5. Day free. Growth of valley glaciers. Suddenly in tents.
Day 6. The day begins with breakfast building. Realization of Passage Polosaty March 3560 River Walk Kegety m cabin. Suddenly in tents.
On day 7. Increased transition Atjaloo spring valley view. Suddenly in tents.
On day 8. After breakfast, trekking to Tuuk, and then Kok - Mainok River. Meeting with the automobile. Campsite. Suddenly in tents.
Day 9. You - trekking to Kok - Mainok River Valley, which leads to the following passage. Lunch. Suddenly in tents.
10 days. Trekking in Passage Чона-take, trekking down Issyk - They valley. Suddenly in tents.
11 days. You trekup Issyk-They Badwey Valley Peak. Trekking down glaciers Fluviaux Batu. Suddenly in tents.
12 days. The arrival of Issyk - They Ashu-river-rock summit of the glacier. Lunch on the road. Suddenly in tents.
13 days. Trekking in Issyk - They put Alamedin m 3964-4023 m suddenly turn into tents.
14 days. You trekdown of Altun - Rocky River Summit. After lunch trip to the Altyn - glaciers of the Rocky River High. Campsite. Suddenly in tents.
The 15 days. You Salyk trip to the valley. After lunch excursion to Salyk Valley. Suddenly in tents.
16 days. Trekking in Jotas-Springsun. Lunch on the road. Navigation of natural mineral-Jotas springsâ. Cottage. Suddenly in tents.
17 days. The day begins with breakfast building. Go to Bishkek. Lunch. Suddenly the hotel.
The 18 days. Your guide will meet in the hotel and accompany you to the international airport "Manas".

To ensure the availability and quality of education was addressed through other programs such as the Presidential program "Personnel Twenty-first Century" (1995), National Poverty Alleviation Programme "Araket" (1998), "Ayalzat" (1997), " New Generation "(2001), the National Plan of Action on" Education for All "(2002), National Poverty Reduction Strategy (2003)," Ayylmektebi (Rural School) "(2003), etc.
In addition to purely educational programs in the country there are a number of specialized programs, including sections on improving basic education, educational and recreational activities among children and youth. This is a state program "Ayalzat", "Healthy Nation", "TB", "Kiz-Ball", the National Programme for the prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS, etc.
Thanks to a very prudent policy of educational reform in a very short time, the national educational system to:
• to maintain the stability of the education system;
• Establish a variety of educational programs at all levels of education;
• propose alternative forms of education and new technologies;
• to achieve multi-channel financing of educational institutions.
Key elements of the system of education in the period from 1992 to 2004 was as follows.