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The Great Silk Road played an important role in the historical fate of the Kyrgyz people and their state associations. The territory and people of ancient Kyrgyzstan were at the origin and center of the formation of the greatest economic and cultural phenomenon in the world history of the Silk Road. Occupying a favorable geographical position on trade routes, and absorbing the cultural achievements of the East and West, Kyrgyzstan became the bridge that connected West and East. Three branches of the ancient Pamir caravan route passed through the territory of Pamir and Alai, southern and northern ones, which ran through the high mountain passes of the Tien Shan and Pamir. It is characteristic that directions of the Silk Road have constantly changed over the millennia, but the routes of the caravan that run through Kyrgyzstan have always remained unchanged. Kyrgyzstan was a kind of "guardian of the mountain gate" of this ancient caravan way. A tour to Central Asia is an immersion in the world of Eastern fairy tales. Tourists will see the blue domes of Bukhara and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, the ruins of ancient locations and the white marble of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, the endless steppes and fantastic architecture of Kazakhstan, high-altitude pastures and blue water of Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, narrow roads in the Pamir passes and impregnable fortresses in Tajikistan. Tours to Central Asia will tell the story of the Great Silk Road, the empires of Alexander the great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, the struggle of tsarist Russia and the British Empire for power in the region. During the tour of Central Asia, you will see hundreds of interesting landscapes with snow-white mountains, harsh deserts, endless steppes and blooming valleys. Travel and discover our Central Asian tours and start your unforgettable journey where you will experience real east hospitality.

East with a deep history
» East with a deep history

Our trip is going to begin with magnificent locations in Kyrgyzstan as Ala Archa, Burana, Chon Kemin, Issyk Kul, Karakol, Kochkor, Son Kul. There are fascinating places that we will discover together smoothly passing to historical and cultural values of Uzbekistan enjoying time in Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand.

The grace of nature and history
» The grace of nature and history

Right from the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek to Uzbekistan begins a tour along the great Silk Road. This is a long way, filled with many interesting and fascinating places where caravans with silk and jewelry once went. Kyrgyzstan is a country with the most beautiful mountains, the path to which is accessible even to the most unprepared people. And also you will see  the most picturesque and one of the largest mountain lakes Issyk-Kul, which means Warm-Lake. In Kyrgyzstan there was a combination of many different cultures beginning with churches in the Russian style and ending mosques in the Chinese spirit with a unique design and construction methods. You will learn what eagle hunting is and what really clean mountain air is. You will also be excited with Tajik nature and its architecture.

Natural treasure
» Natural treasure

The most vibrant cities of Central Asia are waiting for you to visit, together with Travel Experts. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are three countries with the close history and the same spirit of Eastern culture.  You will be delighted with main cities Almaty, Bishkek, Dushanbe, natural gorges as Charyn and Ala Archa, enchanting lakes “Issyk”, “Son Kul”, “Issyk Kul”, “Iskanderkul” , bewitching natural places, museums of history and culture of the Saka period, where you will discover the historical great events of the past, along with artifacts. more...
Eastern Heritage
» Eastern Heritage

There is not a single stone that did not participate in the formation of great cities such as  Bukhara, Khiva,  Samarkand. You can see all this from a bird's eye view by climbing the minaret of the Registan complex in Samarkand, or by visiting the square of the Kalyan complex in Bukhara. A great tour and the brightest impressions – that's what you should choose this tour for. And next to Uzbekistan is the equally attractive country of Turkmenistan. This is a wealth of architecture, whose age is more than several hundred years, and some buildings are more than a thousand years old, a lot of bright ornaments, buildings and palaces, in which the history of entire peoples was made. Each city of these countries carries a piece of the unique culture of life in the East.

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