Legends of the East Tour

Legends of the East Tour

Legends of the East Tour, Tajikistan tours.

Tour’s name: Legends of the East Tour 

Duration: 5 days 

Day 1: Dushanbe – Iskanderkul Lake
This day you will be met at the airport and then you will transfer to Dushanbe. The day is devoted to amazing high Mountain lake – Iskanderkul (2 255 m. a. s. l.). Lake Iskanderkul, located in the Fann mountains of Tajikistan, has an extremely long and rich history. It is believed that Lake Iskanderkul got its name in honor of Alexander the great, whom the surrounding residents called Iskander Zulkarnain, which means Iskander two-horned, because of the unusual headdress that resembles two horns. You will drive over fascinating Anzob pass (3 372 m) and on the way explore the magical landscapes. During the tour you will have a chance to walk along it shores. You are going to take a rest in one of the famous sites of Tajikistan. Then you will search amazing a waterfall, the way will take about minutes. Tajikistan ranks first among Central Asian countries in terms of water reserves. Tajikistan's water reserves are mainly formed by glacial meltwater and atmospheric precipitation. In total, up to 500 cubic km of water is concentrated in the glaciers and snowfields of Tajikistan. 

Day 2: Iskanderkul Lake – Penjakent
Aafter breakfast you will transfer to fascinating Penjakent. The city is located in the Western part of Tajikistan on the left Bank of the Zarafshan river to the East of Samarkand. The city rises to an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Penjakent is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, with a venerable age of 5500 years. The name of the city is translated into Russian as "five villages". In the 5th-8th centuries AD, Penjakent was one of the main cultural and craft centers of Zoroastrian Sogd. The city of that period was even called "Central Asian Pompeii" - it was so amazing and unusual. Ancient Penjakent is a magnificently protected, ennobled city with a ruler's Palace, two temples, markets, rich dwellings of citizens, decorated with numerous paintings, wooden and clay sculptures of ancient gods. You will spend the night in the hotel. Night is in a hotel. 

Day 3: Penjakent – Seven lakes
This day you will direct to celestial Fannsky Gory (Fan Mountains). An incredibly beautiful region of mountain lakes and snow-capped peaks located in Central Asia. This is one of the most famous hiking areas. This day is dedicated to a tour from Panjakent to the Seven Lakes (Marquzor Lakes), about 60 km south of Panjakent. You will have time to enjoy hiking t this area. You will move along a wonderful gorge where located 7 lakes. Each lake is beautiful in its own way, located on different altitudes and each has its own color of water. On the way you will have a chance to meet locals and explore their way of life, you will have a chance to touch culture and traditions of this region.

Day 4: Seven Lakes – Dushanbe
This day you will direct to Dushanbe, capital of the country. During the tour you will transfer over picturesque mountain passes, and on the way you will shoot a lot of amazing photos. In the afternoon you will discover the best highlights of the capital.  You will visit Rudake Park, National library, White House, National state seal, and House of parliament. Then you will have a chance walk in National park to shoot exciting photos of Ministry of Inner Affairs and admire the beauty of the biggest National Flag in the world.  Then you will head on to one of the best sights Central Museum and then Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments.  You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 5: Dushanbe – Airport
In the morning is transfer to airport.

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