Kazakhstan’s gems

Kazakhstan’s gems

Kazakhstan’s gems, Kazakhstan tours.

Tour’s name: Kazakhstan’s gems 

Duration: 4 days 

Day 1: Almaty – Tamgaly – Altyn Emel
After being welcomed by your driver you will accompany to the south of Kazakhstan. Today you will direct to Altyn Emel National park. The Park was founded on April 10, 1996 in order to preserve the unique natural complex. According the route tour you will stop at Tamgaly Tas. In course of the excursion you will pass by artificial Kapshagai water reservoir, it is one of the most popular resorts in Kazakhstan. It is located on the Bank of the reservoir of the same name — an artificial reservoir formed in the middle course of the Ili River. Further you will arrive to Tamgaly Tas. This outstanding place a natural monument attracts many tourists! Here, on the rocks, they found incredibly beautiful images of the Buddha and (Bodhisattvas). The cave paintings are accompanied by elegant Tibetan inscriptions. Then you will drive another couple of  hours to Basshi village. And you will a trip to the Singing Dune. The dune is a huge mountain of light sand, extending up to 3 kilometers, and a height of about 150 meters. The sand mountain is located on the territory of the Altyn-Emel Park. This place is interesting because sometimes a beautiful organ melody makes very interesting sounds, and sometimes loud, slightly frightening sounds. Then you will transfer to Basshi village overnight in a cozy local hotel.

Day 2: Altyn Emel
This day you will transfer on unpaved park roads over 80 km (approx. 2 hours) to the Aktau Mountains. Aktau mountains are the most beautiful and magnificent place in the national Park. This is the bottom of the ancient sea that once filled the Ili basin. As the sea disappeared, nature created unique gorges and canyons here from sheer walls composed of multicolored layers of rocks: from green and red at the bottom to mottled and white at the top. The height of deposits reaches 1000 m. This is one of the largest paleontological sites with sediments of the Cenozoic era, of which four are mixed-age bone-bearing deposits. As a result of the excavations, numerous remains of ancient animals that lived in different geological epochs were found. Among the finds there are the remains the giant rhinos, crocodiles, turtles. In the end of the tour you will be transferred to Basshi village for overnight.

Day 3: Altyn Emel – Charyn – Almaty  
After breakfast you will transfer to Ash-tree Grove on the Temerlik River. Relict Sogdian ash grows on the territory. The height of the tree reaches 10-15 meters, and the thickness of the trunks is 10 "girths". Visitors claim that the bark on the trunks of this ash tree looks like "wrinkles". There are only two such natural places on earth where Sogdian ash grows. One of them is in the United States, and the second is in Kazakhstan, in the Charyn canyon. Experienced travelers say that the ash grove on the ancient Almaty land makes a much stronger and more complete impression than its American counterpart. In the beliefs of many peoples, ash is a tree of rebirth and renewal that helps to unite the past and future. It is some kind of open-air museum. Then you will be transferred to Charyn Canyon. On arrival, you will observe the charming beauty of grand panorama. You will also go down to the bottom and meander about km to admire the fabulous charm of the Castles Valley with its walls of unusual shapes, towers, animals and even human faces. Charyn Canyon is a great place. With a length of more than 150 kilometers, the depth of the canyon in some places reaches 300 meters. The canyon is more than twelve million years old. This is a truly ancient place, where the original flora is still preserved. You will drive to Almaty for overnight.

Day 4: Flight
Transfer to Almaty International airport.


02 pax – Sedan
04-10 pax – Sprinter


Price per person:
02 pax – 605 $
04 pax – 410 $
06 pax – 400 $
08 pax – 325 $
10 pax – 290 $
Single – 70 $

Half board – 75 $
Full board –135 $ 

English speaking guide –390 $ per group


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Almaty – “Kazakhstan” Hotel 3*
      Altyn Emel – “Aigai Kum” Hotel
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour            

Service does not include:
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Visa and visa support
- English speaking guide

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