Kazakhstan tours

Kazakhstan is a country that has controversies in its culture and lifestyle. During your tours you will visit grandiose buildings in fast developing cities as well as small cozy villages, national parks with virgin nature and meet people who keep their thousands years traditions. Kazakhstan is the biggest country of Central Asia. It shares borders with the following countries: Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan and is washed by the Caspian Sea. The terrain of Kazakhstan has different landscapes including deserts, semi-deserts, tundra, rock canyons, and mountains. You will be pleasantly surprised to find beautiful nature visiting the lakes of Kolsai and Kaindy, enjoy the panoramic views of Charyn canyons and explore the monuments of Turkestan and Otrar cities. Almaty is the largest commercial and cultural center of the country where most tours in Kazakhstan take place. It has beautiful parks, bazars, museums and lots of monuments of history. The surrounding area of Almaty is also beautiful and attracts many tourists yearly. These are the lakes Issyk and Big Almaty, Medeu gorge and Shymbulak resort where you can spend a nice day out during your tours in Kazakhstan. You can learn about the customs and traditions of Kazakh people, explore their lifestyle connected with nomadic culture and enjoy their hospitality. We recommend to combine your tours in Central Asia with Kazakhstan and to explore the best of each country.

Short adventure in Kazakhstan
» Short adventure in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a great country of nomadic peoples. The country preserves the great history of the Great Silk Road, and is full of historical sights. On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will be able to feel the smell of antiquity, touch modern architecture. During the tour you will explore Shymkent, Almaty.  more...
Great sights of Kazakhstan
» Great sights of Kazakhstan

This tour of Kazakhstan will show you the most beautiful sights of the country. Kazakhstan is full of treasures azure lakes, mysterious forests, endless steppe, huge canyons, and majestic mountains. During the tour you will see the most interesting places such as Shymkent, Almaty and other amazing highlights. more...
Fabulous Canyon tour
» Fabulous Canyon tour

Kazakhstan is the heart of Eurasia. The country admires its natural beauty with inviting mountain peaks, icy lakes, mountain rivers and the great steppe. On your tour, you will be fascinated by the beautiful sights of the present, as well as the distant past. You will visit amazing Almaty, wonderful Shymkent and its attractions. more...
Glorious holiday
» Glorious holiday

Kazakhstan is beautiful with its magical landscapes, fascinating rivers and lakes, and wild nature. The Great Silk Road once passed here, and Kazakhstan is also famous for Baikonur, where the endless steppe stretched for a long time. In course of the tour you will discover Almaty, Nur-Sultan and other interesting places. more...
Star carpet
» Star carpet

Kazakhstan is an Eastern intertwining with Western urbanization. Here you can see beautiful mountains, endless steppes, and blue lakes. During the tour you will be able to visit beautiful places such as Almaty, Kolsai Lakes, capital Nur-Sultan and other places of interest.

Kazakhstan’s gems
» Kazakhstan’s gems

On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Eastern culture, immerse yourself in traditions and hospitality, and see all the various historical monuments. In course of the tour you will observe the magical Altyn Emel, wonderful Almaty and others sites. more...
Divine land
» Divine land

Kazakhstan is a spectacular country of Central Asia. Numerous national parks, unusual and rare lakes, the slopes of the Altai Mountains, unique Sufi monuments all this is famous for Kazakhstan. On a tour of Kazakhstan you will visit beautiful lands of Kolsai Lakes, amazing Almaty, charming Nur-Sultan. more...
Fountain of wisdom
» Fountain of wisdom

If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, relax and enjoy spending time in a fairytale country, you should visit Kazakhstan, where a large number of valuable architectural monuments are stored – mausoleums, mosques, ancient graves, fortresses. On the tour to Kazakhstan you will visit Almaty, Altyn Emel and its attractions. more...
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