If you are interested in the Silk Road, history of ancient civilizations and diverse culture, then our company is happy to provide you unforgettable tours in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Discovery of Central Asia will be an exciting trip of a lifetime. With our tours you can meet the nomads and sleep in yurts in Kyrgyzstan, experience riding thoroughbred horses of Akhal teke in Turkmenistan, visit national parks of Kazakhstan and glorious architecture of Uzbekistan and famous Pamir Highway of Tajikistan. Learn more about tours in: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

» Kyrgyzstan tours

Kyrgyzstan toursNowadays Kyrgyzstan is one of the popular touristic destinations in Central Asia and it is able to offer a big variety of tours, even for the most experienced travelers. During your travelling in Kyrgyzstan you can ride horses in Chon Kemin gorge or along the mountainous lake of Son Kul, hike in gorges like Ala Archa, Jeti Oguz and may others, and swim in high-mountainous lake such as Issyk Kul, meet nomads and sleep in real yurts by Tash Rabat caravanserai. You will have wonderful opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of local people traveling in the most faraway and picturesque parts of Kyrgyzstan.

» Kazakhstan tours

Kazakhstan toursKazakhstan is a huge country occupying a territory in Central Asia rich in steppes and some mountains of Tien Shan. During your tours in Kazakhstan you can visit the cities like Nur-Sultan and Almaty, which are quite big and fast developing. Here each traveler can find have many interesting architecture, different and unique in their own ways. Nur-Sultan is a young capital city filled with new buildings, wide parks and beautiful squares and museums. In Kazakhstan there are many beautiful natural parks like Borovoye with a group of lakes surrounded by picturesque mountains providing complete relaxing and leisure, Kaindy and Kolsay in Almaty region. Outskirts of Almaty as the city itself has a lot to offer, like Medeo gorge with the ice skating rink, Shymbulak ski resort, Big Almaty and Issyk lakes with amazing water color and surrounding mountain ridges, giving them spectacular views. All that and much more will be available if you choose our tours in Kazakhstan.

» Tajikistan tours

Tajikistan toursTajikistan is an amazing country of high mountains which are called Pamir Highway. They almost touch the sky and covered with snow, there can be found amazing lakes dotted all over its territory such as Bulunkul, Iskanderkul, Hafkul and many others. Tajik people have a unique culture of the people living the famous Pamir. It is not a occasionally, the name of Pamir signifies the “rood of the world” translated from Tajik language. If you have a desire to join our tours in Tajikistan, you are going to have amazing travelling during of which you will explor eall the popular sites of the country as well as the of-beaten tracks.

» Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan toursWelcome to Turkmenistan, to a destination of orient culture and mysterious sites. Throughout centuries, the nomadic people of Turkmen carefully preserved their traditions and customs. Nowadays you can learn about them during your tours. Turkmenistan is a country of history. You will find the ruins of great cultures and civilizations in Nisa, Merv or Kunya Urgench. Stroll in the wide parks and squares with fountains in Ashgabat. Darwaza, which is like a visiting card, of the country, attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Come visit Turkmenistan and all its charms with our tours.

» Uzbekistan tours

Uzbekistan toursTours in Uzbekistan are great to learn more about culture and traditions of Uzbek people, as well as the history of the Silk Road region. Thousands of caravans loaded with precious goods stopped and created new centers of trade on the territory of Uzbekistan. They contributed to the development of culture, science and philosophy of the people of Central Asia. Uzbekistan cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva have preserved the most of its ancient and medieval architecture of the Golden Age of Islam religion in the country. The glorious madrasahs, mausoleums, mosques with high minarets and open-air cities of Uzbekistan will amaze you with their majesty, excellence and charms. Take our tours in Uzbekistan and have a great time.

» Silk Road Tours

Silk Road ToursDear travelers, If you want to explore Silk Road treasures and visit a few countries in Central Asia at a time, we will be happy to present you combined Silk Road tours. We have combined Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in several tours which you can enjoy during your vacations. Upon your request depending on your personal interests and preferences, we can design and combine any countries together. Check below the list of the most popular tours along the Silk Road countries.