Sources of information

As is evident from the various sources of information, the northern limits of the principalities in contact with the territory of the Kirghiz tribes, who in the second half of the IX-beg. X at. some have expanded their holdings in the south-west side, and for a time occupied the northern part of the Seven Rivers, became neighbors toguz-Oguz (Uighurs) in the south and Kimaks the north and north-west.
According to the anonymous author of "Hudud al-Alam," which gives a detailed description of the areas outside the Turkic tribes of Central Asia and Southern Siberia "... in the west region (togueguzov) - some of hyrhyzov and north-hyrhyzy well, (they) settle along the all boundaries ... north of toguzguzov is desert (it), and extends between toguzguzami hyrhyzami Kimaks to the region."
Sure, there is a means toguzguzami Uighurs, some of which after the defeat of their khanate in Mongolia in 840 Kyrgyz migrated to Eastern Turkestan, the area of ​​Cu Chi - Karashahr, occupied the eastern extremity of the Tien Shan.
According to the different sources, despite their former enmity between the Uighurs and Kyrgyz in the beginning of X century. They lived not only in the vicinity of each other, but maintained close economic and trade relations, and from the heap and Beshbalyk, belonged to the Uighurs, a variety of goods were brought regularly to the Kirghiz. The transit trade route that connected the Muslim countries of the west with the Kyrgyz and passed through the ownership of the Uighurs. Perhaps all this created certain conditions for the expansion of ethnic and cultural ties between the Uighurs and the part of the Kirghiz tribes, who lived in the Altai, the Irtysh and the north-eastern part of the Seven Rivers.

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