Kyrgyzstan tribes

According to written sources, areas of the Altai version of Kyrgyz culture, obviously, corresponds to the mountainous region of Tulasi is the author's words, "Hudud al-alam" is home to "one of the hyrhyzskih tribes." Mountain Tulasi, as will be described in more detail below, correspond to present-day Altai Mountains. Apparently, this version of the same archaeological culture of Kyrgyz territory is kesim tribe, which reportedly "Hudud al-Alam" and was one of the hyrhyzskih peoples: "Their speech is closer to halluhskoy, and the clothes they remind Kimaks." According to VF Minorsky, the name of this tribe can be to reconstruct a Keshtov, and their location should look to the west of the Kyrgyz itself.
At the conclusion of DG Savinov, limits the spread of cultural variants vostochnokazahstanskogo Kirghiz confined mainly in the region of Upper Irtysh and reach the south Junggar Alatau, as indicated by the accompanying inventory items from the burial of about Tekeli.
In our opinion, the areal distribution of this variant corresponds to the material culture of Kyrgyz territory is primarily of Karkar (a) Khan, who reportedly "Hudud al-alam" Kimaks belongs, and its inhabitants resemble (its) customs hyrhyzov. In his comments to the text of "Hudud al-alam" VF Minorsky believed that Karkar (a) Khan can be correlated with the city Karkaralinsk, mountainous area located south of the Irtysh River, about 350 km south-east of Semipalatinsk. - Biking and festivals are here. - at these pages are all destinations.  - rural villages invite you for travel.  - Any of our tours are well done. - Horse riding to mountain lakes. - Cultural events and festivals.          - Tours in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.          


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