Kyrgyzstan relationship

As for the role toguz-Oguz tribes early ethnogenesis of the Kyrgyz people, this issue was first raised in the historical literature of SM Abramson, who has identified a number of Kyrgyz ethnonyms with the names of the tribes Oghuz confederation toguz.
Currently, there are reasonable grounds to assert that the most intense ethno-cultural [C 212] due to the Yenisei Kyrgyz, Oguz toguz occurred in the IX-XI centuries. in the region of Altai and Irtysh, where in the second half of the IX. state emerged Kimaks tribe, which once belonged to the West-Khanate (or actually kimaki yemeki), the union toguz-Oguz (eymyury, Bayandur and Tatars) and Kipchaks. According to B. E. Kumekova and DG Savinov, Tatars, eymyury and fragments of other tribes, formerly part of the confederation toguz-Oguz, appeared in the country as part of the defeated Kimaks State Yenisei Kirgiz and fled after the 840, in different directions Central Asia toguz-Oguz (Uygur) tribes.
However, in the same period, when the release of the Yenisei Kirghiz on the scene in Central Asia began to dominate the ethno-cultural communication latitudinal direction, gradually established a very close contact Kyrgyz Altai and Irtysh also toguz-Oghuz (Uygur) tribes of Eastern Turkestan. To consider the various aspects of the relationship with the Kyrgyz Uighurs of East Turkestan should be noted the authoritative judgment of VF Minorsky, which is based on a detailed study of a number of Arab and Persian sources on the history of Central Asia in the X-XII centuries., Including the works under consideration Gardizi, defined in more detail the contents of the ethnonym toguz-Oguz (toguz-guz, tuguzguz). At the conclusion of VF Minorsky, in the writings of some Muslim authors X-XII centuries. ("Hudud al-alam", "Zayn al-Akhbar" Gardizi, etc.) under toguz Uighur-Oguz means the principality of East Tien Shan mountains formed during the latter half of the IX.


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