Rukh Ordo complex

For people of different religions, the Rukh Ordo complex is a historic cultural center of interaction; it is at the centre of the sharing of feelings and ideals and, of course, the shared enrichment of cultures. By seeing the world of theology, folklore and a substantial history of car rental, visitors will boost the tour.

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That, along with some fictional evidence, most of those taking car rentals and tours in Kyrgyzstan engage with the facts from a research point of view. The complex's construction is deliberate. People have chosen to build a place that welcomes all faiths, all nations. This is the area picked by the various visiting politicians. The complex is flooded by Issyk Kul Lake to the south and offset by Kungei Ala Too to the north. Among those who follow, the central concept of the complex is seen: the middle of the five major faiths, side by side, opposite each other. Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan opens the gates to see the mystic part of the building itself. It is represented in white chapels, meant to signify the openness of people to each other, their ability to love each other. And tourists can walk around the Kyrgyzstan tour location, anywhere along the site's territory, in the middle of the tour, and enjoy the car rental history.