In your pre-tour tours of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that rituals are important factors of the country. Our experts have prepared interesting and incredible tours of Kyrgyzstan for you, as well as interesting information so that you can explore the article before you start your exciting tours.

In our tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can rent a car and explore interesting rituals, and also enjoy exploring customs and traditions. During the tour, you will be able to explore that in Kyrgyzstan, rituals date back to antiquity and begin with the history of the Turkic tribes. And since the Kyrgyz in the past had a nomadic way of life, most of the rituals were based on the nomadic way of life.

During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore that many rituals are associated with clans and tribes. And to make your tours in Kyrgyzstan more comfortable, we recommend you to rent a car. And so the first ritual is called suyunchu which is the utterance of important and joyful news, and then people are waiting for gifts. After that, there is a ritual called korunduk, and it is based on giving money to parents when they come to see the child on this day. Another interesting ritual in Kyrgyzstan is called beshik toi, which is called as the celebration of the child. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore what comes a huge number of people come to visit, cook delicious food, and also burn juniper. Next comes tushuu kesuu, who is known for taking his first steps as a child. And this happens when a lot of guests are also invited, including friends, relatives, relatives when the child's legs are tied and the older children start a race to untie the child's legs.

Another type of ritual that you will be able to explore on a tour of Kyrgyzstan is the wedding. You can rent a car and explore it. During the tour, you will learn that people in Kyrgyzstan attach a huge role to weddings and engagements. And on this day, a large number of guests are invited. But then people experience huge financial losses. There is also an opportunity to learn in the tour that a traditional ritual is in Kyrgyzstan that is forbidden called ala kachuu. The action of the ritual is to kidnap the bride, and sometimes even unknown persons do it. And if the bride is kidnapped, she has no chance to leave the groom's house. There is also a nike or engagement. This ritual is called when marriage is legalized according to Muslim canons. When seeing off the bride and saying goodbye to her close friends and relatives call kyz uzatuu. The wedding itself is then performed in a restaurant. And many guests are also invited there. And with these rituals, you can explore on a tour of Kyrgyzstan, as well as rent a car.