While travelling you have already known some information about the country from different sources. Here you can find short review about tours in Kyrgyzstan and also about car rent system. Tours are made by travel agencies and they do everything according to special principles.

This kind of agencies have great demand and their work very important for people. They know all nuances, how enter country and leave it.

Our company is individually suitable for everyone. We can arrange tours of different complexity and also take into account your wishes. What else do you think about when you start to plan tours? Of course, it is transportation. We offer car rent service. With its help you can do not worry. In Kyrgyzstan roads are not good quality, that is why car rental is the best solution.

Kyrgyzstan is mountainous country. So you can use various opportunities for hiking, trekking and horse riding. We propose you to communicate with locals and expand your horizons. Here is the information related to nights. Usually our guests spend nights in hotels, guest houses and yurts. We would like to add that yurts do not include showers and rest rooms. Yurts are all about feeling ancient traditions.