Peak Pobeda

Kyrgyzstan has many beautiful peaks and natural attractions, so you can explore Pobeda Peak during the tours. And in order for your tour to be comfortable, we want to provide information about this peak. The peak has a height of 7439 m, and has access to China. In the Soviet space, this peak was the highest.

On tours in Kyrgyzstan, customers will be able to explore what attractions are located near the summit, and border it. The Zvezdochka Glacier is located near the summit. In tours, guests of the country can find out that in the Chinese part of the peak is called Tomur, and for tours with all amenities, rent a car. Guests on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to conduct research and find out that the peak was named incorrectly by researcher P. Semenov.

He made the assumption that this is the peak of Khan-Tengri. And for this reason, the peak was called Khan-Tengri at different times. Then you can find out that it was named "Pobeda", in honor of the victory celebration after the Second World War. Some climbers were able to climb the peak successfully. And because of the worsening weather, some attempts failed. To make the tours in Kyrgyzstan great, we offer our guests to rent a car and see the beauty of the mountains, immerse themselves in harmony with nature.