Indigenous individuals

Kyrgyzstan has a wide range of ethnic groups, and more research is needed to understand them. To view the hills, history, and ethnic heritage of the Kyrgyz people, rent a car in Kyrgyzstan today! There will be more than 6 million inhabitants in the country.

Most of Kyrgyzstan's population lives in villages or mountains, with the remainder in urban areas. Some of these ethnic groups include the Dungans and Uighurs as well as the Kazakhs and Tajiks, who make up 8% of the Kyrgyz population, 10% of Russians, and 14% of Uzbeks.

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Travelers can choose from a variety of tours, while also learning about the customs and habits of the locals and the nomads, with the help of our tour guides. Farmers and yurt dwellers still live in the highlands and continue the traditions of their ancestors. Our recommendation is to rent a car and take a tour of Kyrgyzstan's nomadic way of life.