Incredible sights of Jeti Oguz gorge Seven Bulls

Our company tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to show you beautiful sights, charming landscapes, and beautiful gorges, rivers, lakes and much more. You can explore the city of Karakol in the Issyk-Kul region and visit the Je Oguz Gorge nearby, 28 km from the city. The gorge translates as Seven Bulls. This is a very unique place, with its landscapes and beautiful nature, charming sights, which is marinated by its views of the seven red rocks. Tourists offer you to enjoy the incredible nature and see many attractions in a rented car.

You can find out that the gorge is translated because of its appearance on tours in Kyrgyzstan. You also have the chance to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan, to enjoy nature and see a lot of beautiful places to enjoy the legends and rent a car. Your tours in Kyrgyzstan will be great because you can also enjoy the myths in rented cars. And we wanted to provide about one of them. In the past, there was a king who was involved in the idea of killing bulls. And he was able to kill 7 bulls in the end, and after that, the universe in the place of the bulls turned everything into a big red hill of seven rocks, turning everything into a blood color. We invite you to take a tour of Kyrgyzstan and we want you to enjoy the beauty of Kyrgyzstan and its charming sights in a rented car.