Before organizing the tours, our team recommends you to pay attention to the rich and fascinating fauna of Kyrgyzstan. This habitat of many rare animals is explored by both locals and foreign tourists. Our guests have an opportunity to rent a car Lexus LX470 in order to reach the placed located at the high altitudes. One of the main aspects of programs of tours is the investigation of an animal world of the country.

Field votes, mountain voles and live marmots inhabit the altitudes from 3400 to 3800 meters above sea level. Brown bears, wild rams, hares, mountain goats also live in Kyrgyzstan. The change of the altitude impacts on the fauna of the place. During the tours, the guests will have a unique chance to take photos of alpine choughs, rock pigeons, falcons, partridges, red-bellied redstarts, golden eagles, bullfinches, hawks, and buzzards. 

With the help of our car rent service you will be able to discover the country and enjoy the tours. On the way you will have an opportunity to see rare animals, that are on the verge of extinction. They are red deer, snow leopards and Marco Polo sheep.  These species are also an important part of fauna of Kyrgyzstan.


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