Dungan religion house

The surroundings of Issyk-Kul are not only resort areas, but also significant historical places that combine several cultures and eras. One of these historical attractions is the Dungan Mosque in Karakol located in Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, you can use our car rent service in tours.

In 1877, Dungan refugees from China moved to the city of Karakol and founded a community here. And in 1907, an architect from Beijing, Zhou-Si, was invited here, who, together with a group of builders numbering about 20 people (roofers, masons, wood carvers), began to prepare materials for the future mosque. The construction material was Tien Shan spruce, elm and local poplar, and walnut wood was also used for finishing works. Preparation was carried out for 3 years, and in 1910 the Dungan Mosque was built, made in the best traditions of Chinese architecture.

The unusual feature of the structure is that not a single nail was used in the process of its construction: all parts of the building are connected by means of notches and grooves. There are numerous columns around the perimeter of the building, and windows are arranged in the south and north walls. The western part of the mosque is windowless, as the faces of the worshippers are turned here. A unique work of art is the ornamental patterns of the cornices-subjects from traditional Chinese mythology: dragons, phoenixes, lions, fairy-tale creatures. According to legends, they protect the mosque from evil spirits. You are free to come in and see all these pictures while having tours in Kyrgyzstan.

The Dungan Mosque is a striking example of Chinese culture on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Standing for a century, protected by supernatural forces, it brings peace and tranquility to the hearts of guests and visitors in tours. With the help of car rent it will be easier to reach the place.