Dungan mosque sanctuary

During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, the company's clients will be able to explore nature, landscapes, and enjoy interesting sights in a rented car from our company. And you will be able to enjoy a beautiful object like the Dungan Mosque during the tours, explore the building of religious significance. In our tours, customers of Kyrgyzstan will also be able to learn the history of the mosque's creation. Before you go on tours, we suggest that you research information about the mosque.

You can explore that in history in 1877, people were on the run from the territory of China, and now they are on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. After that, people decided to create a community. In 1907, the famous architect Zhou Xia was invited to Kyrgyzstan. After that, about 20 people decided to create a mosque and prepared materials. And so the mosque was created using a unique technology without the use of metal and a single nail.

And today, any guest will be able to rent a car, enjoy the scenery and also see the mosque with their own eyes. In our tours, customers can explore the color of the building's value in a rented car. During tours in Kyrgyzstan, the company's clients will be able to see that the structure itself is colorful and each color has its own meaning. Thus, protection from evil spirits reflects the red color, yellow color shows people wealth, but happiness shows red color.

During the existence of the Soviet Union, people were forbidden to believe in God and have a religion, as well as to explore religious places. All this was in the 20th century. In the Second World War, people suffered and suffered great losses, then the Muslims helped the government with money. So after that, the state allowed to visit such places. And you will be able to explore many charming sights, rent a car from our company, enjoy a trip to the city of Karakol and see the Dungan mosque there.