Charming views of Solomon mountain

Our company will be able to create the highest tours in Kyrgyzstan, show you interesting landscapes and charming sights that you can explore, as well as religious sites like Sulaiman Mountain. And in tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that it is located in the South of Kyrgyzstan in the center of Osh, an ancient city of Central Asia. We want to provide you with car rental for tours in Kyrgyzstan, as well as show you beautiful landscapes and views.

We want to show you the scenery of the mountains and also provide information and facts about the mountain that it contains ancient writings and petroglyphs. These images were there because of the ancient people. Our clients on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to rent cars, explore beautiful landscapes and also legends like in what once lived King Sulaiman, or Solomon. You have a chance to climb the mountain and wander on it. The mountain in the past was called Bara-Kuh, and then Takht-i-Suleiman - "The Throne of Solomon".

Our team wants to provide you with information that there are about 7 caves in the mountain. And you will be able to explore that one of them is the Osh United Historical and Cultural Museum, which you can visit during tours of Kyrgyzstan. And for this, we recommend that you rent a car and enjoy the scenery. The mountain was able to become part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, which was included there in 2009.