In Kyrgyzstan, tourists find the best entertainment for themselves in the form of alpinism, since our country is the land of majestic mountains. To do this, travelers take the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service and go for alpinism, hiking or trekking. By the by, now if it is allowed to go in for alpinism, then during the Soviet Union it was forbidden to climb high in the mountains. Your guide will tell you about this during the tour with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service and you will find out that then some of the dignitaries were able to get permission to visit the mountain peaks.

Also, travelers should inquire during the tour about all permissions and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages of such a mountain tour. Well, if you have already taken the tour with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service, and then please do not forget that staying at an altitude creates difficulties in terms of the risk of avalanches and cracks.

Speaking about alpinism, we note that the "Snow Leopard" award is given to those trekkers who managed to overcome the peaks of 7000 m above sea level. By the by, during the Soviet Union, about 600 climbers received the award.