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We are happy to introduce you our tours to Kyrgyzstan. Among other tourist destinations of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan takes a remarkable place. It has many options to offer even to a vetran tourist. Most part of the country consists of mountains called Tien Shan which has more than 80 big and small mountain ridges. During your tours you can explore different regions of Kyrgyzystan depending on your travel plans and interests. For example, you visit Kyrgyzstan only within Central Asian countries, it is best to travel in its northern part including such places as Naryn, Son Kul, and Issyk Kul lake. Here you can learn about the traditions and customs of nomads which had been preserved for centuries. You will also have a chance to experience nomad’s life riding horses in the mountains, drinking kymys (traditional drink made of fermented mare’s milk), sleep in yurts and many others. If your tour connected with other countries along the Silk Road you can explore the southern part of our country, visit the largest walnut forest in the world, Arslanbob, ancient city of Osh, the footjil of Lenin Peak (4, 139 m) and many others.

Our company organizes tours along the Great Silk Road countries as well. If you ever wished to visit Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan, let us know. We will be happy to arrange them each separately or together depending on your travel dates and financial opportunities. Also if you are interested in self-drive tours, you can use our Car Rent services which are delivered at the highest possible level and for the best prices.

Come to Kyrgyzstan and explore the best of it along with other not less popular destinations of Central Asia with us.

Kyrgyzstan tours

Lake of EdenLake of Eden »
Kyrgyzstan is an Eastern and colorful country. The country is full of adventures and beautiful moments. You will see beautiful yurts, noisy bazaars, and archaeological sites on the tour. During the tour you will be able to see the beautiful Toktogul, amazing Sary Chelek and wonderful Osh. more »
Woodland sorceryWoodland sorcery »
The nature of Kyrgyzstan is the main treasure of the country. Kyrgyzstan is amazed by its high mountains, mountain rivers and beautiful azure lakes. In course of the tour you will explore amazing south parts of Kyrgyzstan and explore its attractions. 
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Discovering the south of KyrgyzstanDiscovering the south of Kyrgyzstan »
Kyrgyzstan admires its beautiful nature. On your tour, you will get a unique opportunity to see amazing lakes, walnut forest, beautiful sky mountains and many magical places. During the tour you will explore fascinating Toktogul, fabulous Osh, wonderful Sary Chelek and other sites. more »

Kazakhstan tours

Fountain of wisdomFountain of wisdom »
If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, relax and enjoy spending time in a fairytale country, you should visit Kazakhstan, where a large number of valuable architectural monuments are stored – mausoleums, mosques, ancient graves, fortresses. On the tour to Kazakhstan you will visit Almaty, Altyn Emel and its attractions. more »
Divine landDivine land »
Kazakhstan is a spectacular country of Central Asia. Numerous national parks, unusual and rare lakes, the slopes of the Altai Mountains, unique Sufi monuments all this is famous for Kazakhstan. On a tour of Kazakhstan you will visit beautiful lands of Kolsai Lakes, amazing Almaty, charming Nur-Sultan. more »
Kazakhstan’s gemsKazakhstan’s gems »
On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Eastern culture, immerse yourself in traditions and hospitality, and see all the various historical monuments. In course of the tour you will observe the magical Altyn Emel, wonderful Almaty and others sites. more »

Tajikistan tours

The top landmarksThe top landmarks »
In Tajikistan attracted too many things, namely the majesty of the medieval city, beautiful nature, snow-capped mountain peaks, and unique lakes. During the tour, you can enjoy the ancient traditions and customs of the people, which have been preserved to this day. In the tour you will visit the best attractions such as Murgab, Bulunkul Lake, Yamg, Khorog, Kalai Khum, and Dushanbe. more »
Superb HighlandsSuperb Highlands »
The centuries-old history, magnificent nature, variety of reliefs, majestic mountains and unique culture attract more and more tourists to Tajikistan. In your tour you will observe the mesmerizing city Dushanbe, amazing Murgab, fascinating Khorog and other places of interest.  more »
Exploring fabulous lakesExploring fabulous lakes »
Tajikistan is the smallest state in Central Asia. But the country is full of natural resources, among all countries of CIS it takes the 2nd place for storing water resources. The Nature of Tajikistan is very picturesque and invites a lot of travelers from all over the world. During the tour you will be able to see beautiful landscapes of Iskanderkul lakes, Seven Lakes and Dushanbe. more »

Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan’s miracleTurkmenistan’s miracle »
Turkmenistan is a little-known country, but many travelers want to explore this magnificent country. There are a lot of attractions, monuments and sculptures here. Mother Nature has done her best and enriched this country with beautiful landscapes. During the tour you will be able to see Ashgabat, Mary, Koytendag and other places of interest. more »
Classic TurkmenistanClassic Turkmenistan »
Turkmenistan is an Eastern fairy tale, with beautiful natural landscapes, historical sights, mausoleums and minarets. Many tourists want to visit this secret country. In the tour you will be able to admire the amazing sites such as: Ashgabat, Darwaza, Mary and other interesting places. more »
Wild horizonsWild horizons »
Turkmenistan is a fairytale country that is famous for its medieval castles, forts, caravanserais, mosques, mausoleums and tombs. This mysterious country attracts more and more travelers from all over the world every year. In the tour you can visit Ashgabat, Darwaza, Avaza and other sites. more »

Uzbekistan tours

Short tour to UzbekistanShort tour to Uzbekistan »
Uzbekistan is one of the oldest countries in Central Asia. The country is rich in a rich historical past. Such world-famous cities have existed on the territory of Uzbekistan for about 2000 years. Uzbekistan has rich archaeological and historical monuments. During the tour you will explore Tashkent, Bukhara and its attractions. more »
Colors of the EastColors of the East »
Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with historical sights. Uzbekistan also has a rich and diverse natural world of flora and fauna. In course of the tour you will discover Tashkent, Bukhara and other sights. more »
Exploring the historical heritage tourExploring the historical heritage tour »
Uzbekistan impresses and fascinates with its unique culture, interesting history and ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation. The state abounds in Natural landscapes. Splendor and snow-capped mountains, spacious and fertile green valleys to mountainous fast-flowing rivers. During the tour you will explore Nukus, Khiva, Tashkent and other. more »


Silk Road tours

Eastern HeritageEastern Heritage »

There is not a single stone that did not participate in the formation of great cities such as  Bukhara, Khiva,  Samarkand. You can see all this from a bird's eye view by climbing the minaret of the Registan complex in Samarkand, or by visiting the square of the Kalyan complex in Bukhara. A great tour and the brightest impressions – that's what you should choose this tour for. And next to Uzbekistan is the equally attractive country of Turkmenistan. This is a wealth of architecture, whose age is more than several hundred years, and some buildings are more than a thousand years old, a lot of bright ornaments, buildings and palaces, in which the history of entire peoples was made. Each city of these countries carries a piece of the unique culture of life in the East.

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Natural treasureNatural treasure »
The most vibrant cities of Central Asia are waiting for you to visit, together with Travel Experts. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are three countries with the close history and the same spirit of Eastern culture.  You will be delighted with main cities Almaty, Bishkek, Dushanbe, natural gorges as Charyn and Ala Archa, enchanting lakes “Issyk”, “Son Kul”, “Issyk Kul”, “Iskanderkul” , bewitching natural places, museums of history and culture of the Saka period, where you will discover the historical great events of the past, along with artifacts. more »
The grace of nature and historyThe grace of nature and history »

Right from the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek to Uzbekistan begins a tour along the great Silk Road. This is a long way, filled with many interesting and fascinating places where caravans with silk and jewelry once went. Kyrgyzstan is a country with the most beautiful mountains, the path to which is accessible even to the most unprepared people. And also you will see  the most picturesque and one of the largest mountain lakes Issyk-Kul, which means Warm-Lake. In Kyrgyzstan there was a combination of many different cultures beginning with churches in the Russian style and ending mosques in the Chinese spirit with a unique design and construction methods. You will learn what eagle hunting is and what really clean mountain air is. You will also be excited with Tajik nature and its architecture.

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