Horse riding Kyrgyzstan 08

Horse riding Kyrgyzstan:Trek 08
Activity: Horse riding
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 14 days

Day 1: Arrival at the airport "Manas". Transfer from the airport in Bishkek (40 km from Bishkek). Transfer to the "Asia Mountains" guest house. Rest. After a short briefing (12:00) transfer to the Chon-Kemin (1900 m) Accommodation at the guest house.
Day 2: Transfer (1 hour) Chon-Kemin in Clover-Suu River valley (the starting point of the hike tour , 2.000 m). Hike tour  from the valley Clover Suu to Koi-Suu (2350 m, 6-7 hours). Overnight in tents.
Day 3: Hike tour  to the Koy-Suu River valley in North Cholpon-Ata River (2550 m, 6 hours). Overnight in tents.
Day 4: Climbing the North Cholpon-Ata River West Ak-Suu, camp under the glacier (3.000 m, 3-4 hours). Overnight in tents.
Day 5: Go and travel West Ak-Suu valley of the Chon-Ak-Suu (3066 m, 6-7 hours) through the Ak-Suu pass (4,054 m) in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight in tents.
Day 6: Hike tour  through Chon-Ak-Suu River valley (2,375 m, 4:00). Overnight in tents.
Day 7: Go to Chon-Ak-Suu valley Grigor'evka gorge in Kyrgyzstan. Transfer tour along the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in the Bulan-Sogotu region, where one of the largest hotels in the Issyk-Kul is located, Aurora Issyk-Kul Hotel, built in Soviet times, and recalls a bygone era in the history and architecture (160 km) . Dinner at the hotel (1609 m).
Day 8: Rest day. Leisure time at the Issyk-Kul, recreation and swimming in the lake. Accommodation at the Hotel Aurora Issyk-Kul.
Day 9: Transfer and travel to Son-Kul Lake to Lake Issyk-Kul Lake (300 km away from Bulan-Sogotu, through the village of Kochkor and Kalmak-Ashu (3250 m), 6-7 hours) in Kyrgyzstan. Accommodation in yurts.
Day 10: Hike tour  and travel along the northern shore of Son-Kul around the east and south sides, about 5-6 hours. Accommodation is in tents.
Day 11: Horse riding tour from the northern shore of the lake on the southern coast of the eastern side, about 5-6 hours. Afternoon free time at the lake. Recreation and riding tour on the lake. Accommodation is in tents.
Day 12: Transfer to Bishkek (365km) through Kochkor. Along the way, visit Burana Tower (11 century), the remnants of empire Karakhanids in Central Asia. Accommodation in "Ak-Keme" hotel (800 m).
Day 13: Breakfast. City tour in Bishkek. Tours and attractions. Visiting museums, bazaar, gift shops. SPA. Lunch and dinner in the city. Accommodation in "Ak-Keme" Hotel.
Day 14: Transfer to the airport. Flight tour home.