Historical traditions

Historical traditions, reflecting the importance and the political role of the Yenisei Kirghiz in the process of forming a new ethnic community in the Altai and Irtysh, is clearly expressed in the historical work of the author of the XV century Ottoman Shukrallaha "Behdzhat at-tavarikh." Ottoman author used and quoted in his book about 60 historical and geographical works. However, studies have shown H. Khazaee and Agajanova, Shukrallaha information about the resettlement of the Turkic tribes in the X-XI centuries. borrowed from the works' Jami al-Hick "Aufi, whose information about the Turks, in turn, goes back to the" al-Tabai hayavan "al-Marvazi. However, in the "at-Behdzhat tavarikh" There are a number of interesting additions, which are the author of other non-extant works. Thus, according to Shukrallaha, home to the Kirghiz is a region located between the Kimaks and Pechenegs, but kimaki live in the north of this area of ​​their rulers are Kyrgyz.
Next Shukrallah said that many of the fire-worshipers are Kimaks and they annually one or two days of fasting. On that day, burned corpses and think about the deceased.

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