Hiking tour Kyrgyzstan 28

Hiking tour Kyrgyzstan: Tour 28

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Hiking

Duration: 8 days


Day 1: your earths of the plane at airport Manas in Kyrgyzstan. Pass in the Bishkek city the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Adapted in hotel. City round  tour which will include Oak Park, the Wing - Too square, Philarmonic, Statue Manas, the Victory Square. A dinner at 19:00. Night is in hotel.

Day 2: Day  tour begins with transport to Karakol  in Kyrgyzstan with a dinner on a travel way. Survey of sights of day  tour (the Russian Orthodox cathedral and Mosque Dungan). Night is in Karakol in small hotel.

Day 3: At 8:00 the breakfast is submitted. Driving to Karakol and the change bus to 4WD the Russian army vehicle (uazik). Then you allocate the south along a valley of river Karakol with a dinner for ways. 4 army lorries WD go the fascinating mountain road airing through wood of a fur-tree and between devocalization of rocks of valley Karakol. The following stage - round of a hiking  tour valley Крыла-Kul across fur-tree wood. A dinner of  tour and suddenly in tents in camp Sirota (2800 m).

Day 4: At 8:00 the breakfast is submitted. Pulling  tour up of the valley gradually receiving height. Today you will transfer and travel  lake of Alakol. A dinner in lake. It sits in height on 3532 metres above sea level. Being 2,3 km in length and 700 metres through, are a beret of water from a thawing glacier and turns to good falls on other end. Today we also will be run through the Wing pass Kul (3860 m) and then we will go and travel  down to gorge Keldike. A dinner  of  tour and suddenly in tents in gorge Keldike (3200 m). The dinner and suddenly is at 19:00 in tents.

Day 5: In a morning hiking  tour make a  tour to valley Altyn-Arashan. "Altyn Arashan" is Kirghiz during "gold весен" and known with, it is natural medical Sulfur Hot Springs. A free time for rest or visiting Hot Springs. The dinner of  tour is organized on a way. A dinner and suddenly in the wooden house (2600 m). A dinner of  tour at 19:00.

Day 6: At 8:00 the breakfast is submitted. Walking  tour to the main road. Meet a vehicle. The engine to city Karakol very fascinating mountain road. Arrival in Karakol. Vehicle switching on convenient aircon the bus. Driving  tour to Cholpon-Ata. Day  tour to relax in lake. A dinner at 19:00. Night is in small hotel.

Day 7: Day  tour begins with transport to Bishkek. At a way stop to see tower Burana which leave from ancient city Balasagyn (XI - XIII). Day  tour is free. A dinner at 19:00. Night is in small hotel or hotel.

Day 8: Our  tour guide will accompany you in the airport