Hiking tour

Day 1. You will arrive in Bishkek  the capital of Kyrgyzstan and the hotel setting. The day tour begins with a morning building. A dinner. Overnight is at hotel.
Day 2. Move and travel  in Kochkor  in Kyrgyzstan visit a carpet workshop feeling. A trekking tour around Kochkorka. Overnight is in tents.
Days 3-5. Aimed trekking tour -Kul Lake. A dinner of tour on the travel  road. Koyar village ten miles distance from Kochkorka travels uphill walking in the river. Overnight of tour is in tents. 5-6 hours, moving every day, crossing two passes: 3260 m. and 5-days of 3700 m. Evening-in 5 days you reach the bar of the lakes Show-Kul.
Day 6. A life in Syne-Kul Lakes in yurtas in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight of tour is in yurtas.
Day 7. The day tour begins with a morning building. A round of lake-trekking tour Show Kul bar. A dinner. Overnight is in tents.
Day 8. The day tour begins with a morning building. Pass and travel in Bishkek. Overnight of tour is at hotel.
Day 9. Your tour guide will meet you at the hotel and accompany you to the international airport "Manas".

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 The basic priorities of reforming of an educational policy have been defined in such basic documents, as the Constitution of the Kirghiz Republic, the Law of the Kirghiz Republic «About formation», the formation Doctrine, a number of National educational programs of the development of education as which primary goals availability and quality acted. They were key from the date of finding of independence by Kyrgyzstan. And today on their realisation all educational reforms in the Kirghiz Republic are directed.
The orientation of reforms has been set by the Law of the Kirghiz Republic «About formation». The given priorities have been developed in National educational program "Bilim", accepted in 1996 This program provided perfection of legislative base, updating of the maintenance of formation, qualitative growth, measures on social protection of pupils and teachers, development of steady mechanisms of financing of establishments of formation.